Exocet Kit Car

MX5 Heaven strongly recommends purchasing hassle free donor kits 1.6-1 or 1.8-1 complete with a warranty and ready to be fitted. As you may be aware buying a cheap old MX5 from places such as Ebay will be readily available, but these may have badly rusted arms, poor bushes, leaky shocks, broken calipers, springs etc, all of these are potential problems, headaches and costly.

The other main advantages of purchasing a kit with MX5 Heaven you do not require a second garage to dismantle a vehicle and end up having to discard many unusable parts.

Collection or delivery of donor kits available, prices are dependant on destination please enquire.

MX5 Heaven also offers addition services and products such as:-

- Engine service kits
- Timing belt kits and water pumps
- Brake upgrade kits
- Brake discs and pads
- Clutch kits
- Engine upgrades and modifications
- Suspension bush kits
- Steering and suspension parts
- Technical help desk
- Service centre